Sonntag, 24. April 2016

Wan´t this !!!

Parts painted for Andy´s new project !

Oli changed the look of his bike a little bit , coffin gas tank , rabbit ears and a girder front end ( more better pics soon )

After the Run we´re sittin in the club room with our friends from LD MC and others like Jack Daniels , Captain Morgan , Beer and so on and on and on .......

Great Dinner and Beer , like every time we´ve been at his place !

After one and a half hour in the rain we arrived at Franky´s place in the middle of the Black Forest

...Aykut played a little bit Pussy and told us oh it´s so cold and rainy i can´t do the Trip !!!

all the guy´s arriving except of one .....

Presi waitin that the Club Run starts